• 1 packet of teules de RATAFIA, Trias biscuits
  • 4 units of roasted “calçots” (oversized scallion)
  • 100gr of smoked cod
  • 50gr of romesco sauce
  • Olive oil


  1. Peel and grind the “calçots”  with some olive oil  until you get a cream. Put the cream in a pastry sleeve.
  2. Put the romseco in a pastry sleeve as well.
  3. Put some “calçot” cream on the biscuits. Then place the smoked cod and finally,  some romesco.

Create this appetizer with Teula de Ratafia combined with  a cream of roasted “calçots”, smoked cod and romesco.

This appetizer is a seasonal dish , from February to April. If you want you can change the “calçot” for a sweet potato .

Bon Appétit!