100% Natural

Centennial master biscuit bakers

A history going back more than a hundred years has ensured the continuity of a unique biscuit-making tradition which has remained true to its original recipe, respecting the basis of its original know-how, using only natural products, looking for excellence, innovation and commitment to Santa Coloma de Farners



Our biscuits do not contain additives or preservatives. They are produced with a high quantity of almond that comes from the Mediterranean zone that is characterized for its sweetness. We select the best ingredients so as to offer you biscuits of the highest quality.

The Search for Excellence

The exclusive use of natural ingredients, constant innovation of the production processes, the search for new formulas, loyalty to the origins and traditional formulas are features that characterize the Trias Company.

santa coloma

Committed to the territory

Santa Coloma de Farners is the capital of  La Selva, it is a city surrounded by nature, crystal clear rivers free of contamination.

In 1908 Joaquim Trias started at number 45 centre street in Santa Coloma de Farners, dedicated to his work and to the town, today we are still  committed to the territory, looking after, promoting it and taking part in the activities held by the city.

Our commitment