ORGANIC TEULA With cod brandade and oil of truffle

To prepare the brandade, peel the garlic cloves and stew them in the oil over a low heat. When they are soft, add the flaked cod and cook until the liquid has evaporated. Blend and then add the gelatine powder, cream and, if required, a little more olive oil. Chill in the fridge for 3 hours. Stir the brandade and put it in a pastry bag with a nozzle. Take the Organic Teules and pipe the brandade onto them, finishing off with a drizzle of oil of truffle.

Ingredients // Organic Teules, flaked, desalted cod, garlic cloves, GELATINE POWDER, olive oil, cream and oil of truffle

RATAFIA TEULA Quail’s egg, sobrassada (cured, spicy Majorcan sausage), honey and salt

To prepare the ratafia salt, blend the salt and the sachet of ratafia infusion in a blender. Heat up the griddle. Open the quail’s eggs at the top with the help of a knife. Spread the Ratafia Teules with sobrassada. Cook the quail’s eggs on the griddle with a little olive oil. When cooked, place the eggs on the Ratafia Teules spread with sobrassada, drizzle some honey over the top and sprinkle with the ratafia salt.

Ingredients // Ratafia Teules, quail’s eggs, Iberian sobrassada, honey, olive oil, 1 sachet of ratafia infusion and salt

ORANGE CREAM NEULETS - With blue cheese and Pedro Ximenez

An audacious sweet pairing, for lovers of blue cheese...
Orange-and-nut flavoured Neulets paired with a contrasting blue cheese, combine perfectly with a Pedro Ximenez sweet wine. It will surprise even the most innovatory palates...

Ingredients: Orange cream Neulets, Pedro Ximenez and blue cheese.

COCO CHOC - With yogurt

A healthy, nutritious combination for everyday breakfasts, afternoon snacks, or desserts to be enjoyed by young and old.

Ingredients: Coco Choc biscuit and natural yogurt.

PRALINETS - With dark chocolate ice cream

An ideal dessert pairing in which the sweetness of the Pralinet contrasts with the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate ice cream.

Ingredients: Pralinets and chocolate ice cream (80% cocoa).

ALMOND NEULETS - With Ratafia liqueur

A pairing from the terroir, this combination of Neulets and Ratafia liqueur is ideal for those long, leisurely conversations enjoyed while sitting over a meal…
The fusion of the nutty taste of the Neulets with Ratafia gives a contrast of sparkle and sweetness that will please the most demanding palates.

Ingredients: Almond Neulets and ratafia liqueur

CHOCOLATE VENTALLS - With caramelised banana

A sweet pairing for desserts and afternoon snacks, to be enjoyed by young and old. Banana and chocolate go well together and make a marvellous combination when slightly heated. A pairing that will surprise your most demanding guests.

Ingredients: Chocolate Ventalls, banana and brown sugar.

CHOCOLATE-COATED ORANGE TEULA - With Grenache from the Empordà

A pairing from the terroir, for those mellow conversations enjoyed while sitting over a meal.

The contrast of a sensational pairing: chocolate with orange, with the local Grenache sweet wine to add sparkle, sweetness and a Mediterranean touch.

Ingredients: Chocolate-coated orange Teula and Grenache

NEULETS - Served with cinnamon apple compote

A sweet pairing for desserts and afternoon snacks, to be enjoyed by young and old...
Warm apple compote with a hint of cinnamon goes perfectly with Neulets. A healthy, nutritious combination.

Ingredients: Neulet, Golden apples and cinnamon.

AMETLLATS - With green tea

A relaxing, contrasting pairing for tea lovers.

The sharp, woody taste of the tea pairs well with the nutty taste of the Ametllats.

Ingredients: Ametllats and green tea

TEULA DE COCO - With curd cheese,L’Escala salted anchovy and black olive paste

A Mediterranean pairing with the tropical contrast of coconut. This is a pairing with personality, from the terroir, seeking the contrast of curd cheese with salted anchovy and black olive paste. A perfect harmony that will leave no one

Ingredients: Coconut biscuits, curd cheese made with cow’s milk, salted anchovy fi llet with olive oil, and black olive paste.

TEULA DE COCO - with smoked salmon, raspberry jam and raspberry vinaigrette

The smoothness of the salmon combined with coconut creates a perfectly balanced pairing.
A few drops of raspberry vinaigrette enhance the freshness, and make the whole into a true fusion of pleasing, well balanced flavours on the palate.

Ingredients: Coconut biscuit, raspberry jam, smoked salmon, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.

VENTALLS - black olive paste and fresh anchovies with rosé cava

No better way to start a good meal than by combining the fresh taste of rosé cava with fresh anchovies in vinegar, on a Ventall spread with black olive paste.
An ideal pairing that combines black olive paste, fresh anchovies, and olive oil with the sweet contrast of the Ventall.

Ingredients: Ventalls, rosé cava, black olive paste, fresh anchovies, and olive oil.

TEULA - with duck foie gras terrine and orange marmalade

The almond Teula pairs very well with duck foie gras terrine.
The delicate sweetness of the Teula combines to perfection with the creaminess of the foie gras and the contrasting sharpness of the orange.

Ingredients: Almond Teula, duck foie gras terrine, orange marmalade, and salt crystals.